Prayer of Micheline Boisvert

The following prayer was recited by Micheline Boisvert, after she was seized by the Almightiness of the Eucharist.

I praise and bless you Lord Jesus. I also pray you to demonstrate and make me feel how great your Love is for miserable people, because it is through them that you want to manifest your Almighty graces. Lord Jesus, how great your love is for God your Father. Lord Jesus, learn me how to unite much more to your divine will. I desire this with all my heart.

I cannot live without your love. Life has no meaning without you Lord, without your Love, without your suffering, without your Light which purifies me in my flesh and in my heart. By your Love Lord, learn me how to love, learn me how not to worry any more about everything and anything, because it is God your Father and you who accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished through your Almighty Eucharistic Power.

I praise and bless you for my incapacity to love you as you should be, because it is only through you and by your love that I can love you with such a great and pure love. Show me my great pride. Purify and sanctify me. Sanctify all my soul. I give it to you. I offer it to you for all my brothers and sisters. I offer you all of what I am.

Yes, my good Jesus, I desire your nails in my feet, I desire them in my hands, I desire the piercing of my heart by the lance that pierced your Heart. Your Crown of Thorns, I desire it on my head. Your sadness, I desire to drink of it. Only your Love can make me say these words. Alone I am nothing at all. I am nothing in front of my Creator, in front of the Almighty, I am only dust, but Lord, If you desire this dust, I offer it to you. I offer you all my misery. I love you with all my heart and I want to love you with the purest Love. Help me to be able to do this.

Lord, I leave you alone very often, because my thoughts lose themselves in this world. I beg you, do not let me drift away from you. Draw me to you, do not let me escape from you. Do not let me attach myself to this world, do not let me attach myself to what will end in ashes. I beg you to give me this grace. I praise and bless you because you fetched me in my misery. I praise you and I bless you, Lord Jesus, for the great purification lived by my friends. Thank you Lord for my son.

I praise you and bless you, Lord Jesus, because even through my great ignorance, I have always loved you, I always believed that you are my Savior and Creator. You recreated life in my two legs. You recreated all my being. You purified my heart and my soul. I praise you and I bless you, Lord Jesus, because you purified so much misery within me. How great is your love for all those who are ignorant!

How great is your Love for this humanity which is presently in peril. We have created so many means of defense. We have created thousands of nuclear warheads. We are living with all of these nuclear warheads on this earth. It’s unbelievable, Lord Jesus.

I beg you, teach your children to live in peace. We are invaded by lies. We are overwhelmed by epidemics. We are invaded by multitudes of diseases, and even if human knowledge increases, there is more illness. Even if there are more modern means, the earth impoverishes itself. Come and help us Lord Jesus.

You left us the earth with multitudes of animal life and vegetation, look at where we are at today. We
have no respect for everything that you created. We are full of false values! Come and help us Lord Jesus. I beg you, look at your children. If the earth does not give its fruit, if it does not produce food anymore, how will we be able to live? If waters are poisoned, if all the fish and the birds cannot live anymore, how will we be able to live? Come and help us Lord Jesus. I beg you! My good Jesus, you created all vegetation which is harmonious and we can realize that it knows how to unite itself to all your desires. Everything has a function, my good Jesus.

Once again we will find the pathway to love. Like the sun illuminates the earth, we will also open our hearts and consent to receive your Light. Your Light is so superior to the sun’s light. It is divine! We consent to be illuminated on our pathway.

My good Jesus, all the birds can fly! How simple this seems for them to do so. They do not resist the wind conditions. Our souls will fly toward you with great obedience. Like the rivers whose current flows toward the ocean, once again, Lord Jesus, we will also find our pathway.

Like all the stones that are not taken away by the current, we also, Lord Jesus, will consent to carry all our daily little crosses which are our little burdens. Yes, my good Jesus, like all the gardens of this earth, we will carry a lot of fruit for your glory. Our souls will glitter like the rays of the sun that touches water with great purity.

Yes, Lord Jesus, I praise you and bless you because you chose me to be an instrument of your mercy, in order for your Welcoming Heart to be known on earth. Your children will understand the necessity of your Welcome, because you are the only one that can restore divine order in everything that you created. The greatest leaders of this world cannot do it. They are so little! They don’t even want to recognize you!

Come, Lord Jesus, come and help us! Without you we cannot do anything. In these times in which will burst wide open all your wonders, all your benefactions, we are blinded by lies. Lord Jesus, come and help us! Come and welcome through your Welcoming Heart, the truth in our hearts. Do not let us perish. I unite myself to all those who pray, Lord Jesus. I unite myself to all those who adore you. In the name of all those who pray you and adore you, save this humanity, Lord Jesus. I beg you, in the name of your Love, save us and guide us.

Teach us how to love one another, Lord Jesus. Many have great faith and hope in you. Come and save us. Do not let us perish. We want to be with you, in our hearts and in heaven eternally. We love you! We welcome you and we want to welcome your Welcoming Heart Lord Jesus.

I unite myself to all of your children on this earth, in order to tell them never to cease hoping in your love, even in our great sufferings, because the sufferings of these times are nothing compared to your glory. May we meditate this in our hearts. Together, may we become children of light. Together, may we take the pathway of liberty. Together, let us take the pathway of love. The greatest suffering that a human being can bear, is really to be separated from love, and especially when someone cannot express it to others.

I, a miserable child, the suffering child, the Lord made me a witness of his mercy, a witness of his Almighty Eucharist. All of you who will read this message, he wants to make you a witness of his Love and of his Powerful grace. All of you who are searching for your pathway like I searched for mine for a long time, my compassionate heart goes out greatly to you. All of you who suffer in your soul because of great solitude, my heart is full of love for you, because I know what it is like to live in solitude.

All of you who have not received love from your parents, my heart bears a lot of love for you, because I also lived through this. United to the Father, the Son and the Holy Sprit, united also to the Welcoming Heart
of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I pray for you and I am asking the Lord to draw people’s attention toward you, in order for them to guide you. I know your suffering.

I praise and bless the Lord for my parents. They have been and will always be the pathway of my soul’s purification, like your parents have been for you. I praise and bless the Lord for each one of my sufferings.

Tonight, he wants me to speak to all my brothers and sisters. He wants me to speak with all that my heart bears, in order to bring them confidence and to assure them that he loves them with all of his Heart, and that he never leaves us alone and fall helplessly. Thank you Lord for visiting me in my misery. My misery is the greatest gift that I have ever received on this earth. Thank you my God!



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