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Chrétien Magazine no. 171 (France)

Micheline Boisvert : Who is that humble and discreet woman?

Discreetly, Micheline Boisvert, from Quebec, have already travelled twice in France since 2001. A survival condition for a sighted person; seeing what is coming while being subject to a double risk of to swell or to be exalted (what many control anyway) or to be a target for all powers to whom this emergence, good or bad, is unacceptable and unbearable. So it is not about swelling Micheline Boisvert who is a modest person coming from a modest place and who still remains modest, open to this world conditions, very discreet in her country where her first bishop asked his spiritual consultants to sever all links with her so they do not

compromise their own research during the agapetherapy and they obeyed. She lives modestly. During the celebration, she is often seized by Passion of the Christ and she has unbearable and intolerable sufferings. Abbot Laurentin received her. He gave her the communion after the mass from which she spiritually linked herself with not far away from there.

She assisted a private mass where everything that could happen was already understood from the prayers. This is a today’s integration for Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion of the Christ, which reflects the reality as Mel Gibson showed in his film, going through all the shocks, protestations and slanders from all this world’s intelligences.

During Micheline Boisvert’s first trip in France, Abbot Laurentin objectively asked her about her life since her childhood in Quebec and her adventure with God who entered her life in an unusual and disconcerting way.

Chrétien Magazine do not pass judgement. This interview’s purpose is not about proving anything, but to make known who really is Micheline Boisvert above all the hearsays and sayings that put her in a modest situation in her country.

Chrétien Magazine: You were born in Quebec, in the city of Quebec, where begun (before the nowadays city) the missionary and spiritual edification of the Nouvelle-France in the wide world of Iroquois?

Micheline Boisvers: Nearby.

Actually, suburbs? a village?
I can’t say.

When you were young, did you go to the mass ?
No, my parents did not practise. They worked a lot and had a lot of problems. Their life was difficult. My father was alcoholic; this is the kind of problems childs have to go through, which leave wounds. Inside, I always feared God. I don’t know when it was told or taught to me, but in my heart I became God’s child. In a christian country, even if the family is not practising, there is still a faith transmission.

Did you go the catechism?
At school, there was catechism.

You probably did your first communion at this christian school. After that, in your life with God, what happened?
My religious life was very poor. I haven’t received much from my parents but I was attracted by churches. I was going into churches, not at masses, but in empty church. It always seized me, but I couldn’t talk about it. It wasn’t normal to do what I did. I remember that through these sufferings, I looked for the strength of God. I knew the word “God”.

You went to received communion some times?

No? So, how did you get into religious pratise, and the faith the Lord gave you?
It was a suffering way, the Lord came to take me in suffering.

How old were you?
It was in 1990.

You were about thirty then? Did you work?
Yes, I worked in restaurants. I had to start working very young to help my family. It was very manual.

Hard job!
When I was young, I wanted to be an air hostess, but I had to work very young. But I was still going back to church… And then I became sick. It had to happen. I was always asking God to come and take me.

You wanted to die? Why? Of what?
Die of what I was living.

You wanted to die spiritually?
Yes, I was tired of this life and sure that these was something else. I can’t explain this strength. Younger I said once: “I want to do like Jesus.” I didn’t know where this idea came from. It came from the inside. I lived a life without any value with the feeling I couldn’t escape from it. I praised the Lord to take me. And then I got this disease.

This disease came later: approximately at the age of 30 you told me. What disease?
Multiple sclerosis.

This disease is bad!
Yes, and I was really sportive. I went to the hospital and after 13 days I weighed 90 pounds compare to 130 pounds when first I got into the hospital.

40 pounds less!
In my bed, I knew I was going to die. My son was with me. When he left, I said this prayer: “Lord, if You let me live, I will take care of my son and I will work for You forever.” But how? I had no idea. My both legs were paralysed. My intestines did not work and my lungs didn’t work very much.

At this time, your son was sixteen… When came your recovery?
Approximately in 1998.

This prayer and your recovery brought you from God to religious practise?
No, I didn’t know I was seized by the Lord at this time. And I didn’t talk about it to anybody to have a bit of peace, because you know, when you have multiple sclerosis, the nervous system closed up on itself. When this disease touched me, I knew it didn’t come from God. I tough: “My life, my cutting with God… that’s what brought me these sufferings.” Then, in my bed, I started to “breath” God. I’d been in bed for years, but I still “breathed” God. I had a lot of sufferings, but I asked Him to take away the fear. “My God, I don’t mind if I die, but I don’t want to die because of fear.” I screamed it in my room. After that, the Lord took away all fear. Then, I’ve never been scared of anything!

Fear healing!
It was a progressive healing. I took back the biography I started to write, but I changed for: the Lord gave me strength to live. He recreated me. I don’t say: “I am completely recovered.” I can’t say that I am healed at 100%. But I never returned at the hospital.

Anyway, for multiple sclerosis, the only proof of recovery is by an autopsy. You must wait.
I didn’t know that.

Great experts studied healings in Lourdes. What step brought you to a complete christian life?
Christian life began in 1998. I lived like an hermit. I didn’t want to tell anybody. A young lady visited me and looked. She said: “ Micheline, you are always alone, would you like to join a prayers group?” I told myself: “I am going to meet people who pray.” When I got into this prayers group, I’d been seized by the Holy Spirit.

You told them about your experience and they were scared?
I didn’t told them about anything.

Why were they afraid then?
The Light was seizing me and I felt the sufferings of the Passion.

You were falling? Was it the rest of the Spirit?
I don’t know, I didn’t understand well, but it was very intense. One day, we pray for a young woman who had leukaemia; it was during St. Joseph’s Day and I got seized by the Light of all this disease celluloses of this child. They passed through my body. This Love experience is really difficult on physical plan.

When I came back home, people from the group told me: “Micheline, if you want to stay with us, you have to see a priest.” The first priest I met, father Marcel Plante from Chelsey, told me: “If this Light is not from God, do you want it to go away?” “Yes, then I want it to go,” I answered. At this time, I didn’t know that some people down here can receive messages. I didn’t even know that Medjugorje exists. I knew nothing about Saints life.

And you didn’t received messages then?
Yes, but I didn’t know.

You received messages inside without knowing were they came from? You thought it was the Holy Virgin?
Love, all the Love I received made me live, that’s it. But I knew the name of Mary and Jesus.

So you became conscious that it came from Mary? But you couldn’t go the a mass because then you were seized by the Passion of the Christ and it was disturbing. You suffered a lot?
It was really disturbing.

Your reactions due to the inside hits of flagellation were disturbing for others and painful for you. You had a prayer life without going often to the mass, except on Sunday where you tried to get in without being kicked out. You live in community… right? Who are the two others?
Two friends. They live with me. They help me a lot.

Are they still working or retired?
They are both retired.

They go to mass and bring you the communion? And when you receive communion, you are seized by Jesus and you feel the hits and pains of the Passion. Do you pray a lot? Do you say the rosary?
I pray all day long in my heart and I pray the rosary. I feel Jesus’ presence. I pray even during the night and the Holy Spirit pray in me.

How are your nights?
I pray, I pray, I pray. Inside, it’s praying in me. All my heart, all my breast are burning.

These are the words of Emmaüs’ disciples when Jesus joined them on the way.
The more I pray, the less I have physical strength. But I am supported by the Power of the rosary, the Eucharist. Sometimes, I am so weak that I have to stay in bed for two or three days to recover.

And when you live the Passion? You get shaken by all this and you need a moment to get better?
Yes, when I get my strengths back, I work at home, I cook. I like to cook.

Why did you come in France?
The Lord asked me.

Do you have a message for France?
Presently, the Lord comes to visit you. But France didn’t welcomed His Heart. He comes to visit France with His Heart. France will live great tribulations. I see them like celluloses, microbes; it’s dark.

Biological microbes?
When there are biological microbes, it’s a sign that man already touched it.

Do you think there is a link between physical healing and spiritual healing and between spiritual contamination and physical contamination that comes with it?
Yes, I already lived this. I was ill.

But you received little from our world, you didn’t sin more than anyone else?
Maybe more, maybe less, but a life of sin cuts from the Life in God and then… what a mess!

Looking at you, people could think you are in great shape, very dynamic. Do you still suffer from multiple sclerosis?
It is very minimal.

Can you do some works at home?
Yes, I mow the lawn, I enter wood…

So, you are not served by others. Outside your house, do you have activities?
No, I can’t go in prayer groups because I’m seized. I am happy with my solitude. Maybe I would get lost.

Because they were not conscious of this Gift of God, you were welcomed by the fathers of Sacré-Ccœur de Chelsey but after three months, they talked with the bishop and he asked you to leave the community?
Yes, I had the mass from father Marcel, but the chapel was open to the public. More and more people where coming and there were more confessions. No, they weren’t any mess. I asked the Lord to do things in peace.

But this is why you left?
The bishop reacted because of the medias.

This is also why you are not allowed to this mass now?
No, not directly, but it was to avoid.

Have you see our bishop?
No. He never wanted to see me.

You are not in the same diocese now. Did you enter in contact with the bishop of the new place where you are?

What would be important is that you find a priest to give you advice and show you a monastery. There, you would find spirituals consultants.
But the consultant must welcome me. What I is not always understood. It is so strong. I asked the Lord: “Until when will I be disturbing?” He answered: “Until my Cross.”

Now, do you pray in faith?
The Holy Spirit goes through me, that is what they explained me.

Like everyone you need to make a discernment and to be helped too. Do your friends help you to discern?
Yes, they are really simple people.

You receive very little advice.
I am advised by the father Ovila Mélançon.

Do you want to say something you think is important that you haven’t tell yet?
Yes, I praise the Lord for your presence in front of me and thank my Mother Mary who opened the way for me.

I understand: the life you have is not easy.
What isn’t easy is all what I went through to meet you. This is a grace from the Lord, I am sure. Mary explained me that nothing is perfect. I am still in sin, I am flesh, like everyone, and I don’t have a lot of virtue.

Are you impatient with others sometimes?
Yes! But not like before!

Did inside communications and contacts bring you a lot?
Oh yes, a lot!

What did they bring you?
A face-to-face with myself in all the truth of my being. It made me see what is not good in this Light.

It probably took out any wound, grudge; did you receive healings?
Yes, for my father and my mother.

It is eradicate completely?
No, there’s still grudge.

The wound is still open that’s where comes from grudge. To dominate it, pray for them. Pray for your dead father, and your mother who doesn’t understand well what is going on with you.
Yes, I pray a lot.

Do you still see your mother? When?
2 or 3 times.
Does she welcome you well?
Yes, quite good.

In Quebec then?
No, she lives in Montreal.

And you, where do you live?
In Contrecoeur. (In English, this name could be translated by grudgingly)

What a name! It is shocking!
Yes, but I take it on the other way; not “against” but “all against”.

You find the Heart of the Christ, His “Welcoming” in the name of your village…


Micheline Boisvert came

in Franceon Saturday,april 24th 2004.

She spent a night praying in Paris with a group sheknows well. She suffered the Passion until 3 a.m. The mass celebrated at 6:00, the sufferings began like usually during the communion where the Christ is communion in the same suffering of the Passion that the Lord makes her live again.

She had a very strong message, that comes in a sad moment at the beginning of a trial. She urges the priests to pray, to get ready with urgency.




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