Why the Welcoming Heart of Jesus ?

Some people, some priests asked me: “Why do we need the Welcoming Heart of Jesus?”
In front of the Crucifix, I prayed and asked the Lord the same question and he replied:

My children, what have you done with my mercy?
What have you done with it?

The Virgin Mary taught us that the Sacred Heart of Jesus, his Merciful Heart and his Welcoming Heart is the same Heart that was pierced for all of us. She also reminded us of the importance of this devotion for the great spiritual combat of the Church, and for all the peoples.
In fact she begged the Father to allow us the gift of the
Welcoming Hearth of Jesus , who is a life-preserver for all
the peoples in these last darkness times.


God the Father always, for our sake, came to help his children. Today he is gi-ving us the Welcoming Hearth of his Son, because only the Heart of his Son is able to welcome with enough strength and purity, the graces that we need to cross this purifica-tion time.
Let’s therefore consent with the Vergin Mary, to welcome, through the Welcoming Heart of Jesus:

the almighty powerful graces of light that drives away darkness
the almighty powerful graces of liberation
the almighty powerful graces of deliverance
the almighty powerful graces of the Holy Spirit
the almighty powerful graces of healing and miracles

In these last times of darkness that we are presently living, let us also consent to welcome the gift of our Father Almighty for all his children living on earth.
United together to the Welcoming Heart of Jesus, let’s say once again: “I believe in God the Father Almighty” and let’s pray Jesus to welcome the Almighty graces of his Kingdom.


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