Information concerning The Welcoming Heart of Jesus Rosary

One day when Micheline Boisvert was returning to her home, she was seized by God’s Almighty Love and his Almighty Light. United also to the very Blessed and Holy Virgin Mary’s Almighty Light, they prayed together for the souls in Purgatory. Afterwards, the Virgin Mary taught Micheline how to pray the Rosary united to the Welcoming Heart of her Son Jesus-Christ.
The Virgin Mary, who is united to the Welcoming Heart of Jesus, demonstrated to Micheline that
each one of the mysteries of the Rosary, when they are prayed united to the Welcoming Heart of Jesus, form a shield of Protection, of Light and Peace around our souls and around the earth and that
they enchain the forces of evil. She also taught Micheline that we are also granted, through each mystery of this Rosary, Almighty graces of liberation, deliverance, purification and sanctification, as well as Almighty graces of healing of everything within us that is not from God and that these Almighty graces cut off all the links of our bad habits and sin and that souls of Purgatory are freed.

This vision Micheline saw the earth suspended in the sky and around it three
circles representing the three groups of mysteries of the Rosary. From each one of the Hail Mary’s, the Lord’s prayer and the Glory be to the Father prayers, sprang a ray of light that went down on earth. Hence, the Virgin Mary showed Micheline how Powerful the Rosary actually is when the prayers are
united to the Welcoming Heart of her beloved Son Jesus-Christ. After the recitation of the Rosary, Micheline then saw the Virgin Mary opening her arms toward the earth, thrusting back multitudes of
demons who were coming to assail her children on earth.

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